Friday, August 1, 2014

For those of you who  thought you might want to take up paddle boarding this summer, think again where you plop your board ...The news was pretty straightforward today that a 12-foot Atlantic White Shark was tagged off of North Beach in Chatham yesterday -  essential reading for a tourist. 

Oh I forgot to tell you that last Sunday a few weekenders were taking the shuttle from Morris Island to North Beach and coasted into a pool of blood and a not so perky abandoned seal along the way. We are talking about a 5 minute boat ride from hither to thro. Luckily they brought along a stash of summer beach reads, but ( excuse me) unannounced to us, we were in the vicinity  splashing in the waves.  

I did ask myself the honest question...if there were dinosaurs in the water, would I be doing the same pokey backstroke along the shore? 

No,no, no  we would be at the Museum of Natural History in Brewster pretending we were eaten by a shark.

Choose your ocean.
(BTW: This is a great rainy day museum.)


  1. That shark is Very scary in Cape Cod.

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