Friday, July 29, 2011

Paddle Boarding on Cape Cod

It was a choice between morning yoga and paddle boarding. Both require basic balancing abilities, and total body strength. One is safe in a walled studio, the other in waters that tout sharks in the national press. Stepping out of comfort zone, we chose the later. It was a beautiful day. The air was hot and windy.

With a bit more practice, we could actually do both!

A sisterhood of five met at Bridge Street at 9:30 am. Jess brought her own board from home. Justin from Adventure Chatham delivered the boards for the rest of us newbies. For $15 dollars, Adventure Chatham will deliver and pick up boards and kayaks from local residences or specified locations, making the whole experience rather easy.

A few minutes before arriving, we watched an online instructional video. It sure looked easy. Basically you find the sweet spot on the board. Paddle around on your knees for a while and when comfortable lift up square on the board using your core and look at the horizon. The key piece of advice? DO NOT LOOK AT YOUR FEET.

The outward journey was an effortless (well almost) sail across Mill Pond. I believe one of us even said, "wow, this is a lot easier than I had thought." Definitely spoke too soon.
The same can not be said for the paddle back. Looking like a circus act, the two of us struggled to come upstream against the wind and current. One fall and two battles to turn our boards around later, we were far far behind our clan. Wind is a paddle boarders biggest foe (lesson learned). At times we seriously paddled for five minutes without moving an inch. But regardless, we had a great time. We're not kidding, we had a total blast. We spent the rest of the afternoon paddling in calmer waters. We even strapped the boards to our roof and took them for a spin on Pleasant Bay. From floating on our backs to mastering the paddling technique, we found paddle boarding to be a great way to enjoy the gorgeous view, catch some rays, and get a great work out.

A pro in no time

In addition to rentals and lessons, Adventure Chatham offers guided excursions and tours. Tours range from gentle paddles through the beautiful waterways of Pleasant Bay to a vigorous outer beach seal tour and surf excursion. For the full shebang, Adventure Chatham offers an off road vehicle catered beach excursion. Get the full experience as the companies SUV shuttles you around to the off road section of beaches in neighboring towns. Forget lugging around your beach gear, these trips are fully equipped! Luxury beach chairs, tables, umbrellas, paddle boards, kayaks, skim boards, bbq grill, ipod stereo, boccie set, sun showers and more. They'll even pack coolers filled with delicious sandwiches and drinks from the Corner Store. Sunset trips include tiki torches and firewood, and a beach bbq or clambake! We love the idea of an activity packed beach day sans lugging around two tons of stuff.

excursion photo from Adventure Chatham, what the heck is jumping out of the water?

For less of a commitment, try out "Wednesday Night Paddles." Every Wednesday from 5:30 to 7:30, Adventure Chahtam hosts relaxed group excursions. Tide depending, paddle your way through either Oyster River, Stage Harbor or Chatham Harbor/North Beach for only 20 bucks!

For a list of prices and more information, visit Adventure Chatham online or visit their facebook page !

Paddle Boarding is all the rage, check out all the SUP rentals across the Cape:

Vec Surfboards - Orleans, Cape Cod - 808-634-8776
SICKDAY Surf - Wellfleet, Cape Cod - 508-214-4158
Nauset Sports - Orleans, Cape Cod - 508-255-4742
Pump House Surf Co - Orleans, Cape Cod - 508-240-2229
MOCEAN - Mashpee, Cape Cod - 508-477-1774
Cape Cod Paddle Surf - Osterville, Cape Cod - 508-737-8572
EMS Exploration - Hyannis, Cape Cod - 800-310-4504
RideAway Kayak - Sandwich, Cape Cod - 508-247-0827
Adventure Chatham - Chatham, Cape Cod - 800-809-1750

and for more information on rentals, lessons, and paddle board retail around the Cape, check out out this great site


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